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Haulage Business – Midlands, UK – Ref Number: 16787773467

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    Business Details

    This company is over three decades old, and has established themselves as one of the leaders in the sector. They offer a wide range of mobile lifting equipment, owning an impressive fleet.

    • Industry Overview: Transportation – Haulage
    • Location: Midlands, UK
    • Business Description: Successful haulage company in West Midlands. Serving a very strong client portfolio of over 200 clients based in the UK
      • Exceptional financial performance and a growing network of warehouses
      • Service Split: 100% Haulage
      • Efficient fleet management
      • The haulage company consistently achieves a remarkable on-time delivery rate, ensuring that clients’ goods reach their destinations reliably and punctually
      • The company has enabled strategic expansion into new markets, increased investment in fleet modernisation
      • Seeking to sell 100% shares and retire
      • No one customer accounts for more than 30% of revenue
    • Financial Summary: FY23 Turnover £4m | Net Profit 15%
    • Team Overview: A team of 50 highly skilled employees are committed to delivering exceptional service

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