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Meet the Team

Ran Carmon
Managing Director
Ran is in direct contact with clients and meets with them on a regular basis in order to fully understand their business acquisition needs and find them the right company for sale. When he is not meeting clients face to face, he's growing his network of contacts in order to better understand the M&A market and find the right deals for clients.
Thomas Biley
Financial Director
Thomas manages the day-to-day financial operations, data management, marketing analytics, online marketing strategy and Pay Per Click with a focus on ROI, having a background in developing trading systems, proving database marketing analysis and implementing investment strategies for high net worth individuals and investors.
Samantha Rycraft
Operations Director
With a background in B2B telecommunications and the financial services industry, Samantha specialises in client relations, business management, business profiling and managing value with a key focus on return on investments, enjoys working with all sectors of business and assisting them with any challenges they face.
Laura Niculas
Branch Manager – Deal Leader
With a background in client project management and operational management, Laura specialises in managing the acquisition process. With a wealth of experience in customer relations, Laura's day-to-day tasks include implementing marketing strategies, business administration, market research and on market opportunities.
Gabi Costea
Office Manager
Gabi started out as part of Chelsea Corporate’s accounts team, but his role has gradually been expanding and now we can safely say he is the strong bolt holding the team together! Using the perfect mixture of bubbly character, excellent organization skills, and his eye for detail, Gabi assists with the acquisition process and deal valuations.
Marius Rusu
Deal Leader
With a rich background in customer support and sales, Marius is responsible for finding suitable on-market and off-market opportunities for our clients.
Liaising directly with our network and the first point-of-call for our clients, Marius sources a huge range of otherwise unattainable opportunities.
Alexandru Suciu
Deal Leader
With a background in finance, cost management and insolvency sales, Alex has a vast experience in marketing, sales and management.
He has worked in corporate and individual acquisitions and understands that each of these must be tailored to fit the specific needs of his clients.
Alan Shala
Corporate Acquisitions Specialist
With a strong background in equity capital markets and brokerage Alan has a vast experience in equity research, corporate IPO's, sales and fund management.

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