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Our Approach Makes All The Difference

When you buy a business with Chelsea Corporate, we make sure you’ve all the information you need to make a well informed decision. Our team is able to facilitate an acquisition entirely remotely, so you can complete a deal without leaving home.

Our Recent Clients

We Will Find You The Perfect Company To Buy

We’re not a traditional business broker. We’re business acquisition specialists who work with you, the buyer, to ensure you see a good number of opportunities and negotiate successfully. 


As corporate acquisitions specialists, we only have your interests at heart. Our company strives to achieve everything you need in your search for the ideal business.

International Buyers

We help you overcome the challenges. There’s no need to travel to make a deal. We offer you local representation to research, find and negotiate a business acquisition in the UK.


We’ll do everything remotely to help you meet your objectives right now. With video conferencing and negotiations, our online resources will help you complete a great deal in the current market, without leaving home.

It’s A Very Active Market

There’s a high level of interest from buyers and sellers in the UK market right now. We’re seeing plenty of turnover in the sectors we work with and lots of opportunities becoming available.


Sellers are more open to making deals and we can help you select the right strategy to make sure you find the business you want.