Sell Your Business & Pay No Fees

Selling a business in the UK usually costs a lot of money in terms of up-front fees and commissions you need to pay business brokers.

Use Chelsea Corporate and you avoid all that, because we work for and get paid by the buyer. We are aware that unless we can reach a win-win scenario, you’ll not sell your business.

Our clients are looking to buy a business at a fair price, at market rate value. They are keen to acquire certain types of companies in various industries and locations throughout the UK. If your business fits their requirements we’d love to have a discussion and put you in touch if it’s the right match.

As a buy-side business broker, finding successful, profitable businesses for our clients is our day-to-day job, and a top priority. Even if you can’t find a perfect match for selling your business, please contact us and we will get back in touch with you whenever we have a client interested in making an acquisition.