Our approach makes all the difference

Buy a business in the UK with Chelsea Corporate and we’ll make sure you’ve all the information you need to make a well informed decision. We’ve a distinct approach to acquisition that goes far beyond searching online for a business and getting more details.

We’re known for our good planning and forward thinking. Now we’re even more ready to help you find the right business and make a great deal.

Important elements in our approach include sourcing an off-market deal, a rapid qualification process, quick follow ups, professional negotiations, fast access to financial information, access to creative finance and an experienced deal maker leading the transaction.

Our team is able to facilitate an acquisition entirely remotely, so you can complete a deal without leaving home.

Deal Management

We’ll make sure your deal completes using our insights, expertise and attention to detail.

A director leads every one of our assignments and we allocate a deal leader to ensure we keep in regular contact. We also make sure you’re in constant contact with the seller to deliver our commitment of a good deal flow at the right price.

Once your deal has been agreed, your deal leader will keep the deal moving to make sure it actually completes.

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