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Most brokers are “vendor-side”. So, as a buyer, it’s hard to trust them. However, there are a few brokers who are “buy-side”. What does that mean for you?

  • A buy-side business broker will spend time with you to fully understand how your business works and discuss your growth ambitions.
  • Next comes a detailed plan. You can be confident you’ve got someone on your team who knows what they’re doing.
  • Buy-side brokers have vast networks dedicated to finding the right business for you. At Chelsea Corporate, we’re connected to over 10,000 sources, and we’ll advertise your search to over 100,000 people.
  • Buy-side brokers deal with insolvency practitioners who don’t advertise the businesses they’ve got for sale. They are otherwise almost impossible to reach.
  • The broker does all the leg-work searching through business for sale websites. We evaluate each opportunity against your detailed specification.
  • Brokers do nothing else. So they can concentrate on the task without any distractions.
  • It’s our area of expertise, so we work very efficiently. We provide you with detailed reports on what we’ve done.
  • Brokers can contact decision makers in potential targets discreetly, even anonymously. That’s otherwise very difficult to do.
  • We can handle the early stages of the negotiation. That saves you time and makes sure you only become involved with deals that are likely to work.
  • We arrange and attend all meetings – at no extra charge (which is very unusual).
  • Brokers are well-connected with business advisors, specialist law firms and funding sources. We can find you the funding when the traditional sources fail.
  • We can lead the transaction so that you’re only involved when you need to be. That leaves you free to get on with growing your existing business.

You may be wondering how much all this costs. It’s much more cost-effective than you might think.

Certainly less than the value of the precious time that you’re currently spending on the project.

How much is your time worth? Think of the opportunity cost of taking time out of your existing business to work on your acquisitions. Very often doing work that doesn’t need a person with your skills and experience, while your existing business suffers from lack of attention.

But there’s one comparison above all that puts the cost of hiring a buy-side broker in perspective. It costs much less than the expensive mistakes that a poorly executed acquisition can cause.

What value do you place on the success of your project? Isn’t it worth investing in a quality service to make sure your strategy succeeds?

What value do you place on the success of your project? Isn’t it worth investing in a quality service to make sure your strategy succeeds?

We know all the pitfalls. We’ll make sure that your project doesn’t end up falling into one of them.

Genuine buy-side brokers are pretty rare. Even if they charge a fee to buyers, many brokers also get paid by the vendor.

Most brokers only get paid by the vendor. They can’t have your sole interests at heart. You are not their client. Their client is the vendor. They will look after the vendor’s interests, not yours.

Chelsea Corporate is a specialist buy-side mergers & acquisitions broker. We only work for buyers, and never take a fee from vendors.

That means that we are totally dedicated to the interests of business buyers. We’ll make sure that the deal works out best for you. We aim for results that please all parties, but our primary goal is to make sure that you get the best deal. How many other brokers can honestly say that?

If you’d like a no-obligation chat about how we can help with your acquisition strategy, please call me, Ran Carmon, on +44 (0) 20 3011 1373, or drop me an email at ran@chelseacorporate.com.

If we can’t help you, I’ll tell you so. If we can, it could be the difference that makes your acquisition a success. What have you got to lose?

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4 Responses to What is a “Buy-Side” Broker and Why Should I Use One?
  1. Just to say that I’ve been a buyer in the past and have found the entire process of hunting for opportunities most tedious. I would highly recommend the use of a professional to work to a mandate and filter acquisition opportunities.

    I have recommended more than the occasional buyer to Chelsea Corporate.

  2. Hi I’m looking for high profit company fully managed


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