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If I Sell My Business with Chelsea Corporate, Will I Get a Good Deal?

Whether you want to explore a new venture or fund your retirement, there are many reasons to consider selling your business. Whatever your motivation, you’ll want to make sure you sell at a fair market rate.

Some sellers choose to hire a business broker to facilitate the deal. However, sell-side brokers usually charge hefty commissions. A more economical alternative is to sell through a buy-side acquisitions specialist like Chelsea Corporate.

If you’re wondering “will I get a good deal when selling my business through Chelsea Corporate?” the answer is yes! Read on to discover exactly how Chelsea Corporate can help you get the best price possible.

Why Choose a Buy-Side Broker to Sell My Business (UK)?

Most business owners, when they decide to sell, will use a broker to simplify and speed up the process. There are two main types, and they each work in different ways:

  • Sell-side business brokers work for the seller. Their job is to advertise your company for sale, find you a buyer and close the deal.
  • Buy-side business brokers work for the buyer. Their job is to find and negotiate lucrative acquisition opportunities for their clients.

Sell-side brokers charge sellers a commission, which is usually 8 – 10% of the final sale price. They may also ask a retainer fee to secure their services, which is payable up front. Many brokers also charge extra for valuation.

In comparison, a buy-side business broker (such as Chelsea Corporate) is paid by the buyer to find profitable businesses for sale. So, as the seller, you won’t have to pay a penny.

And because serious buyers are keen to seal the deal as soon as possible, you’ll also benefit from a quicker sale. If you’re wondering “how do I sell my business fast, free?” Chelsea Corporate could be the answer.

Specialists in Off-Market Acquisitions

Another great benefit of working with Chelsea Corporate is that we specialise in off-market acquisitions – so your business will not be publicly advertised for sale. Instead, we’ll list it in our private database, visible only to paying clients.

This is ideal for business owners who want to keep the sale of their company confidential. It also helps to avoid a drop in morale among employees, as they won’t be aware that a sale is imminent.

Not to mention, if you sell a business off-market, you’ll also avoid time-wasters. We’ll match you directly with a serious buyer who has a vested interest in closing the deal.

Will I Get a Good Deal with Chelsea Corporate?

At Chelsea Corporate, we work for the buyer – however, we are 100% committed to negotiating great deals for our sellers, too.

The reason is simple: we know that, unless we can settle on a reasonable price for both parties, you won’t sell your business – and our clients will lose out.

With that in mind, we’ll work hard to ensure you sell at a fair market rate. We encourage our sellers to seek professional advice elsewhere, so that you know exactly what your business is worth.

And of course, selling a business through Chelsea Corporate is absolutely free. Most sell-side brokers charge thousands of pounds in fees and commissions, leaving less cash in your pocket when the deal is done.

How Do I Sell My Business Through Chelsea Corporate?

If you’re wondering how to sell a business with Chelsea Corporate, the answer is simple. Just get in touch with us and we’ll take it from there. Here’s how it works:

  • First, we’ll arrange a no-obligation consultation to discuss your business and what you hope to achieve from the sale.
  • If we’re happy to go ahead, we’ll list your business in our confidential, off-market database and begin the process of finding a match.
  • When a buyer is interested, we’ll contact you to let you know. We’ll then liaise between you and our client to negotiate a fair deal for both parties.
  • After the initial agreement, we’ll work with legal and financial experts to conduct due diligence before closing the deal. We’ll be your point of contact throughout, from initial discussions to completion.

If you have any questions about the process, or your responsibilities as a seller, our team will be more than happy to help. And if the sale falls through for any reason, we’ll start work straight away on finding you another match.

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If you’re interested in selling a business (UK), Chelsea Corporate can help. As specialists in off-market mergers and acquisitions, we have years of experience in finding serious buyers for businesses just like yours.

We have a long list of clients waiting for lucrative acquisition opportunities in every industry imaginable, from aviation to pharmaceuticals. Whether your company is large or small, we’ll work hard to find you a great deal.

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