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Looking to Buy a Business #0428: LED Lighting Wholesale and Distribution

Our client is looking to acquire a well- established and dynamic company, that distributes and wholesales LED lighting products and has strong sales channels as well as an experienced sales team.

Looking to Buy #0935: Wholesale of Industrial Textiles

Our clients, the owners of a successful family business are looking to expand their company by acquiring a complementary business in the Industrial Textile Wholesale sector.

Looking to Buy #1746: Established London-Based Businesses

Our client, an experienced business man with a background in shipping and property development, is seeking to acquire a London based Business.

The business should be well established and operate from a premises without a substantial lease and existing management in place.

Looking to Buy #1564: Fruits and Vegetables Supplier

Our client is an established entrepreneur and experienced director who is currently running a business that specialises in logistics solutions, providing services such as: global forwarding solutions, contract logistics & supply chain management.

Our client also owns a company that supplies and distributes premium food products to the military and defense industry worldwide.

Looking to Buy #1550: Beauty Products / Household Accessories Supplier

Our clients are business professionals and the directors of an established company that owns a number of successful businesses throughout China, a key sector for them being the wholesale and retail sector.

The ideal acquisition should be strongly cash generative, not owner dependent and should have an experienced sales team. Our clients would prefer companies with their own brand name products and retail sales channels.

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