Engineering Archives » Chelsea Corporate Limited


Off-Market Business for Sale #10436: Leader in Power Supply Systems with offices across the UK

Sector: Manufacturing / Engineering
Location: Offices UK Wide
Turnover: £10,000,000 - £12,000,000

Off-Market Business for Sale #10646: Highly Profitable Engineering Business

Sector: Engineering
Location: SW England, UK
Turnover: £1.000.000 - £2.000.000

Off-Market Business for Sale #10687: Precision Navigation Engineering Company

Sector: Engineering
Location: NW England, UK
Turnover: £5.000.000 - £6.000.000

Off-Market Business for Sale #10693: Airports Industry Service Provider

Sector: Engineering
Location: England, UK
Turnover: £13.000.000 - £14.000.000

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