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Looking to Buy a Business #2191: SE England based companies with a minimum EBITDA of £300,000

Our client, a successful entrepreneur and established company director is looking to acquire a growing and profitable company in South-East England.

Looking to Buy a Business #2330w: Property Management / Maintenance; Cleaning; Security; Industrial

Our clients, successful, established entrepreneurs with a strong background in IT are now looking to acquire companies with a good track record and the ability to scale up.

Looking to Buy #1978: Majority shareholding in profitable business

Our client is an experienced entrepreneur with a strong background in specialist manufacturing, industrial property development, recruitment and other non-related service businesses, and is looking to acquire majority shareholding (51%) in a profitable UK business with the ability to scale up.

Looking to Buy #1584: Construction, Manufacturing Companies or Hotels

Our client has a background in manufacturing and the child care industry. He is currently seeking to acquire a business in NW of England.

The ideal acquisition target is one that is well-established, profitable and dynamic and has a strong management team with the ability to run the business in owner’s absence.

Looking to Buy #1565: Disaster Recovery (Fire & Flood) Companies

Our client is the director of a successful family business that offers clients the most comprehensive range of disaster recovery and restoration services.

Our client would like to expand his market reach, therefore he is currently seeking to grow his business through the acquisition of a similar company in the UK and / or Western Europe.

Looking to Buy #1532: Building Maintenance Companies

Our clients are the directors of a successful building and civil engineering business, acting as a main contractor for commercial developers. That have also gained vast experience of providing sub-contract services to mainly blue chip large clients in facilities and environmental services.

Our clients are currently seeking to grow their business through the acquisition of a similar or complimentary company.

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