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Key Information

Sector: Beauty

Location: London, UK

Turnover: £1,500,000 – £2,200,000

The company develops, manufactures and distributes products with the help of industry biggest leading partners. Their mission is to produce high-quality products and training for the hair and beauty industry, innovating products and implementing new partnerships.

Some of their products:

Hair: Clip in Full Head (Luxurious clip in full head 16’’’/ 18’’/ 22’’, Economy clip in Full Head 18’’), Keratin Pre Bonded (Tape in Hair 18’’, I-TIP Keratin Pre Bonded 18’’, U-TIP Keratin Pre Bonded 18’’/ 22’’), Clip in Half Head, Micro Rings, Clip in Single Weft, Euro Weave and much more.

Beauty and Skin Care

Beauty Equipment

Lashes and accessories

Nails: Polish Lock, Chroma Dust, Fix’n Protect, Essential Nail Products, Salon equipment,

Nails Tools and Accessories, Nail Files and Buffers, Chroma Gel and much more.

Hair dryers: Hand Dryers, Standing Dryers, Parts and Accessories.

Hair steamers: Professional salon steamers, portable steamer and steaming caps, parts and accessories.

Hair tools: Clippers and trimmers, hair straighteners, curling tongs and much more.

A whole section dedicated entirely to men’s hair styling and grooming.


The company offers an affiliate program.

Strong online presence: Website, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram.

Products and services highly rated by customers.

Please note that this opportunity is off-market and only available to Chelsea Corporate clients.


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