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Key Information

Sector: Manufacturing

Location: NW England, UK

Turnover: £500,000 – £1,000,000

Established in 1976, the company designs and manufactures its own range of industrial electronics and has a highly experienced subcontract assembly division.

Their expertise includes the design, development, procurement, manufacture and testing of printed circuit boards, specialised software, customised control panels and complete products developed to meet customers requirements.

Their products have a huge diversity of function from control of lighting systems, vending machines and central heating to systems testing in flight simulators and engine monitoring in aircraft carriers.

Some of their services:

SMT Assembly and PCB Assembly (From fully automated ‘pick and place’ to manual assembly of prototypes.)

Complete Product Build and Test (Covering a wide range of industries including, exhaust pollution control, security, electronic point of sale, remote metering, measurement and control, data centre security.)

Equipment Repair, Refurbishment and Test (The company has over 35 years experience in assembly and test working from wiring/cable schedules, circuit diagrams and even cloning from samples)

Cable Loom Manufacture (They can offer a wide range of cable preparation and assembly from simple patch cables to complex wiring harnesses and looms.)

Test Rig Manufacture (From simple product functional test rigs to multi-bay simulators for avionics testing and flight systems training.)

Conformal Coating and Potting (They have vast experience in the application of special purpose sealants and coatings.)

Specialist assembly of LED Circuits (They manufacture their own range of custom LED products. Their company has over 12 years experience in metal cored PCB assembly. They match high performance with reliable, repeatable, LED colour temperature. They have the expertise to ensure that their customers achieve the best possible aesthetic, and technical, results with the LED lighting they supply).

Generation Energy Tripping and Indication Panel (A recognised solution for tripping and indication of circuit state between a Distributed Generation Project / Private Network and a Distributed Network Operator (DNO) Grid.)

Please note that this opportunity is off-market and only available to Chelsea Corporate clients.


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