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Warehousing, wholesale, logistics and distribution company

Our client is an experienced international entrepreneur with a strong background in finance, construction, logistics, warehouse management, distribution, and renewable energy. He is looking to acquire a profitable UK company with the potential to further expand, as part of his successive acquisition strategy. 

Our client is looking for a company with a strong 2nd tier management, and the capacity to grow in the future. 

The business should be in the Greater London Area or Home Counties, with an emphasis on the proximity to harbours, highways, or important distribution hubs. 

Acquisition Requirements 

Our client is considering businesses similar to his background, but is certainly not limited to these sectors: 

  • Warehouse management and distribution
  • Logistics, supply chain management and infrastructure
  • Food and beverage distribution 

Key Information

Primary business activity Warehousing, wholesale, and distribution

EBITDA £5,000,000 – £7,500,000

Location Greater London area

Re-locatable Flexible

Existing staff retention  Yes



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