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Acquisition Search #5326w

Experienced Medical Services Provider seeking to acquire Fertility Clinic in the London and Greater London Area 

Our client, a Well-Established Renowned Medical Services Provider with centres all over the UK, is looking to acquire a Fertility Clinic in the London and Greater London area. 

The desired business location should have the following attributes: 

  • Central location
  • Easily communicated within and outside London with public transport
  • Long standing transferable building lease with option to extend

The facility should be fully equipped to operate as an IVF service, including laboratory facilities and be able to sustain future growth in the number of treatment cycles. 

Our client is ready, able and willing to make an acquisition in the next 3 months. 

Key Information

Primary business activity Medical Services Clinic

EBITDA £200k – £500k

Location London, Greater London

Existing staff retention  Flexible



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