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Key Information

Turnover: €15M

Industry: Pharmaceuticals & Medical

Number of employees: 300


A Pharmaceutical Company located in Portugal, specialised in contract manufacturing.

They produce Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals.

They distribute their products through wholesalers and sell to c.40 countries across 5 continents. 

Approx. 21% of the revenue comes from export.

They export to countries like Italy, Greece, Spain, France and Germany.

They design, manufacture and make the marketing plan for their clients. 

They also own several Rx and OTC licenses.

The revenue for the last year was c.15M Euro and they are looking to achieve 18M Euro this year. 

Reason for Sale: Portfolio consolidation

Property and Assets: 1 GMP approved Production Facility and 1 Storage Facility.

They are planning on opening in 2019, another 2 production facilities. 


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