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Key Information

Turnover: £17M
Industry: Distribution & Storage

An amazing very well established freight forwarding business specialised in several niche markets and very well known in the industry.

The company has a history of over 20 years behind it, during which it has build a strong reputation for excellence and establishing themselves as a leader in the market.

With a very experienced team of over 100 people, they are able to provide a wide range of services to suit the needs of their clients and have an increased margin compared to other competitors due to their recognised capabilities and niche client base.

They have very loyal client base and are have the BIFA accreditation.

The company has a very large storage facility in the UK and has set up another storage facility in the US as well to continue growth and expansion worldwide.

The company is 100% privately owned and at this time the owners are looking for an exit strategy as they believe they have taken the company as far as they could have and would look for a suitable buyer that could continue their legacy.

This could be an amazing stand alone business for anyone interested in entering the freight forwarding industry, or a strong bolt on for a company looking to enter a niche freight forwarding market and expand its current client base.


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