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Key Information

Turnover: £5M

Industry: Pharmaceuticals & Medical

Number of employees: 20-30


A strong healthcare company focused on multiple fields with a strong Ireland, UK and international presence as well.

The company is skilled in Research, Scientific and& Medical Affairs, Regulatory Affairs Pharmacovigilance, Development, Finance, Supply Chain, Marketing & Sales, and Customer Services.

It has a history of over 20 years the company has several accreditations and certifications and also owns a manufacturing licence and wholesale licence for several products.

They have a wide network, selling products in over 20 countries and having their own products. The company is 100% privately owned.

The company has strong second tier management and the owners are looking for an exit as they consider that they have grown the company as much as they could and being part of a larger organization would be the next natural step.

Additional Information: The company would be an ideal bolt on acquisition for a pharmaceutical company looking to expand its product line, manufacturing or selling capabilities but is also an amazing stand alone business.


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