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Below is a small selection of businesses for sale which are not currently on the market.

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Off-Market Business for Sale #10364: Managed Internet and Technology Services Company – London

Sector: Internet Technology
Location: London, UK
Turnover: £200,000 - £500,000

Off-Market Business for Sale #10318: New Concept in Computer Support Company – London

Sector: Internet Technology
Location: London, UK
Turnover: £200,000 - £500,000

Off-Market Business for Sale #10947: Designers and Manufacturers of Industrial Electronics

Sector: Manufacturing
Location: NW England, UK
Turnover: £500,000 - £1,000,000

Off-Market Business for Sale #10404: Highly Reputable Hair & Beauty Company in London

Sector: Beauty
Location: London, UK
Turnover: £1,500,000 - £2,200,000

Off-Market Business for Sale #10559: London-based Accounting Firm

Sector: Accountancy
Location: London, UK
Turnover: £8,000,000 - £9,000,000

Off-Market Business for Sale #22164: Electronic Manufacturing Business – East UK

Sector: Manufacturing / Engineering
Location: South East, UK
Turnover: £9,000,000

Off-Market Deal Sourcing:

Did you know that most quality businesses are bought long before they come to market? The key to buying the best deals is to identify the opportunities before they actually come to market. Sellers don’t want their sales plans to be public knowledge and they prefer to be approached by a serious buyer rather than go to market. 


Most business sellers don’t want to part with upfront fees typically associated with business brokers when taking these businesses to market. That is why we developed a live database of off market opportunities which we identified over the years. We keep in touch with the sellers on a very regular basis and we make the investment so you don't have to.


These are willing sellers looking for buyers for their companies in the immediate future. Not all businesses for sale are advertised online or through agencies. Here are some unique opportunities for you to buy a business based on your expectations and without the worry that someone else may buy them in the process.


We are in touch with motivated sellers in almost every industry and throughout the UK. If you cannot see anything that specifically meets with your current acquisition requirements below, please contact us for a further chat. This list grows every day. We have many more businesses in our database, which are not advertised here and are off market, that we can review together.


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