Seeking to Acquire #4367w profitable HR or People Management Related Business

Our clients are successful entrepreneurs and experienced HR specialists seeking to acquire a healthy, profitable business that can grow over the next several years using their combined expertise.


Our clients’ main interest is in HR services companies such as:

  • HR outsourcing providers
  • Career and Executive coaching providers


The ideal target should have the following criteria:

  • EBITDA: £100,000
  • Turnover: circa £1,000,000
  • Consolidated client portfolio
  • Management structure: well-trained team in place

With a healthy background in all aspects of the HR and People Management field, our clients have extensive relationships, nurtured over time with local and international organizations from various industries and disciplines. This coupled with a strong business mindset having successfully operated at the c-suite level for at least a decade.

They are now looking to consolidate this experience through the acquisition of a business with significant growth potential.

Key Information

Primary Business Activity HR consultancy, Career coaching
EBITDA £100,000
Location London, SE England
Re-Locatable Flexible
Existing Staff Retention Retained


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