#2961i Seeking to Acquire Pharmaceutical Company with strong infrastructure for prescription drugs in Europe

Our clients, the owners of a multinational pharmaceutical company with over 70 years of experience are now looking to grow their business in Europe.


Our clients are actively engaged in various manufacturing and trading activities in the fields of pharmaceuticals, life science and various consumer products, but most importantly they are committed to ground-breaking research, development and marketing, seeking to ensure quality products are made available to people within Europe and beyond, to contribute to a better standard of health and a more comfortable life for all.


Their current pharmaceutical business is focused on:


  • Prescription Based Medication
  • OTC, Consumer Healthcare, Dietary Supplements
  • Medical Equipment


At this stage, our clients would like to expand their market reach and are particularly keen in exploring business opportunities in the pharmaceutical sector specialised in distribution and production of Rx type medication.


The ideal acquisition target should have the following attributes:


  • Infrastructure for prescription drugs
  • Distribution network in place
  • Diverse product base portfolio (Rx, OTC and Medical Devices)
  • Products in the Therapeutic Area, Lifestyle-related diseases and Ophthalmology
  • Established 2nd tier management in place able to run the business on a day to day basis
  • Proven long-term sustainability with consistent profitability year on year
  • Development Pipeline


Both listed and non-listed companies are of interest.


Our clients are highly motivated and keen to progress quickly on an acquisition once the right opportunity is identified.


It is worth mentioning that our client is interested in retaining the current management.


 They have established a presence in the US and also ASIA.


 Their focus at the moment is on the cardiovascular sector.

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