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Technology and Data Marketing SaaS – London, UK – Ref No: 18776430653

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    Business Details

    Built for private companies and Start-ups to automate fundraising, investor relations, and corporate administration.

    • Industry Overview: B2B SaaS
    • Location: London, UK
    • Business Description:
      • The firm Boosts brand loyalty and revenue for their customers: driving authentic engagement of their social online networks
      • Management are focussed on targeting revenue CAGR of 44% EBITDA for FY28 which will provide them with multiple exit routes
      • Proprietary technology provides end-to-end workflow fully actioned by data
      • The company has top tier clients, including those amongst the FAANG group, as well as leading FTSE clients
      • Extremely capable team highly capabilities in tech, AI & Data. The tech team is set to grow to 24 by 2025
      • The company is seeking financing to scale with min. £4.5m equity + debt to meet goals and deliver shareholder value
    • Financial Summary: FY23 Turnover £4.3m | EBITDA £2m
    • FY22 Turnover £4m | EBITDA £412k
    • Team Overview: A skilled and effective team of 27+ employees with a superb leadership team in place.

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