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Specialised Chemicals Manufacturer – South East, UK – Ref No: 17955037984

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    Business Details

    A highly experienced manufacturer with a track record of over three decades in producing durable products for paint and fabric protection.

    • Industry Overview: Manufacturing
    • Location: South East, UK
    • Business Description:
      • Proven ability overcome challenging economic times by adapting their manufacturing competence to the market’s needs
      • By consistently improving and refining their formulas, they have achieved the ability to offer lifetime guarantee for their products
      • Capability to manufacture any chemical products according to their clients’ specifications
      • Robust customer base that primarily consists of B2B clients
      • Providing excellent customer service, including next-day delivery for orders placed before 2pm
      • Established international footprint exporting to: Saudi Arabia, India, Philippines and South America
      • The business has complete ownership of all assets, including both machinery used for the production and the freehold property
      • No single customer accounts for more than 15% of their revenue
    • Financial Summary: FY22 Turnover £6m | Net Profit £500k
      FY21 Turnover £5m | Net Profit £220k
    • Team Overview: There is a dedicated team of professionals with a skilled workforce in excess of 30 employees.

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