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Payment Gateway Provider – North-East, UK – Ref No: 18076974109

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    Business Details

    An innovative global B2B provider of SaaS cross-border end-to-end payment solutions for banks, financial institutions and businesses.

    • Industry Overview: Payment Services
    • Location: North-East, UK
    • Business Description:
      • One of PayPal’s leading global partners, the business focusses on providing custom payment services to their clients
      • Has built a loyal client base with a low churn rate which is almost half the industry’s average
      • Highly successful, the company has been shortlisted for numerous industry awards, including being a UK FinTech finalist
      • Fully in the growth phase, the company is actively reinvesting capital for growth, and is planning to enter the US market
      • The company processes over £60m per month, spread over 3m transactions, and has almost doubled its year-on-year transaction volumes
      • The company has a sales team which comprises of 150 self-employed individuals who currently operate in the UK and Ireland. Targets are in place to grow this number to 300 individuals
      • Strong continuity, key directors are seeking to stay on post transaction, with the key focus on the continued growth and success of the company
    • Financial Summary: FY23 Turnover £2.2m | EBITDA 10%
      FY22 Turnover £1m | EBITDA 10%
    • Team Overview: A strong and accomplished team of 18 are lead in their forward thinking and innovation by key stakeholders.

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