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Logistics Fulfilment Platform – Midlands, UK – Ref No: 19687981089

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    Business Details

    The company provides logistics and technology solutions for ecommerce and global brands with a sustainable global network.

    • Industry Overview: Logistics Technology
    • Location: Midlands, UK
    • Business Description:
      • The firm provides services to some of the most recognisable global consumer brands, offering services to both B2B and B2C clients
      • The platform allows end-to-end logistics and fulfilment processes for industries including; healthcare, electronics, and fashion and many more
      • The firm has reached a tipping point and is able to grow organically without additional CAPEX spending
      • ​Excellent reviews by their loyal customer base, the firm has over 80% positive verified customer reviews
      • The firm is expecting to grow revenues by 20% in the coming year and is a highly sought after rule of 40 business
      • The shareholders have built a sustainable and highly scalable cloud-based technology platform which is both able to expand in scale and scope, and adapt quickly to changing market dynamics
    • Financial Summary: FY23 Turnover £20m | EBITDA £3m | FY22 Turnover £18m | EBITDA N/A | FY21 Turnover N/A | EBITDA N/A
    • Team Overview: A highly skilled and proficient 2nd tier management team in place, supported by over 100 dedicated employees

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