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Dog Grooming Business – London, UK – Ref No: 18695473422

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    Business Details

    A recently established dog grooming business experiencing remarkable growth showcasing considerable potential for expansion.

    • Industry Overview: Dog Grooming
    • Location: London, UK
    • Business Description:
      • Within their inaugural year, the business generated half a million pounds in sales for just one shop
      • Boasted an impressive gross profit of £372k, underscoring the efficiency and profitability of the business
      • Successfully expanded operations by opening a second shop six months ago, quickly generating a turnover of £157k
      • Servicing a solid client base with high retention rates, emphasising the effectiveness of organic growth through word-of-mouth referrals
      • Maintaining a strong online presence and consistently staying abreast of market trends to align with client expectations
      • Offering not only grooming services but also a diverse range of treats and accessories
      • Providing a clear avenue for further business development by expanding services to meet client demands for daycare, walking and hotel solutions
      • Implementing proactive customer feedback mechanisms, fostering a client-centric approach to refine services
    • Financial Summary: FY23 Turnover £657k | Gross Profit £480k
    • Team Overview: A loyal and dedicated team of six employees

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