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Business Consulting & Recruitment – London, UK – Ref No: 19680759347

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    Business Details

    A respected business consulting and recruitment company with international presence in the UK, EU and Asia.

    • Industry Overview: Business Consulting & Recruitment
    • Location: London, UK
    • Business Description:
      • International client base covering the UK, EU, and Asia
      • Offering services such as staffing, teams as a service business scaling, and offshore
      • Blue chip clients with an international presence
      • Clients are retaining the businesses services with contracts signed for 6 to 12-month periods, however, due to the customer service received many extend that period, some upwards to 3 years
      • There is a 99% client retention rate which demonstrates the capability and professionalism of the team
      • Great opportunity for growth by boosting sales and investing in future marketing efforts
      • Highly professional and experienced team of 30 loyal and dedicated employees
      • 75% recurring revenue
    • Financial Summary: FY23 Turnover £5m | EBITDA £1.5m | FY22 Turnover £4m | EBITDA £1.2m | FY21 Turnover £2.5m | EBITDA £700m
    • Team Overview: Highly professional and experienced team of 30 loyal and dedicated employees.

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