#21755 Suppliers of fabrics and trimmings to the upholstery and soft furnishing trade. Turnover c£1.2M

Key Information

Turnover: c£1.2M

Industry: Retail

Number of employees: 17

Location: SW England

Contact: alan@chelseacorporate.com

The Company are suppliers to the upholstery and soft furnishing trades. Established in London in 1899 the company relocated to SW England supplying customers all over the UK and beyond.

The Company sells to:

  • re-upholsterers, furniture manufacturers, contract furnishers;
  • antique restorers, cabinet makers;
  • auto and marine trimmers;
  • soft furnishers, loose cover makers, curtain fitters and designers;
  • a wide variety of shops;
  • and colleges and teachers


  • fabrics and trimmings, fillings, foam and linings
  • workroom sundries and haberdashery items
  • a large range of curtain tracks and poles.
  • tools and hardware

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