#22839 Brewery – UK. Turnover £6M

Key Information

Turnover: £6M

Industry: Manufacturing & Industrial

Number of employees: 40-50

Contact: alan@chelseacorporate.com

A great opportunity to acquire a well renowned brewery in the UK, producing a wide range of beer flavours for their expanding customer base.

The company was set up over 15 years ago and quickly became a well acknowledged brewery providing a diverse beer range which includes draft and bottled ales, lager, porter and wheat beers as well.

Having established a name for itself, the company has also opened its doors and organizes events at their premises, tours and has also started their own club, gathering several thousand members.

The company does have second tier management involved that manage the business but are also willing to provide a handover period for the new owners.

This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to enter the brewing industry, but also a very good bolt on business for someone that is looking to bolt on a renowned brewery to its current business.

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