#22981 Management Consulting Business- UK. Turnover £20M

Key Information

Turnover: £20M

Industry: Management Consulting

Number of employees: 130

Contact: alan@chelseacorporate.com

A great opportunity to acquire a strong management consulting business, with proven track record and international clients worldwide focused on the financial industry.

With a long history behind them the company has established itself as one of the key players in the industry working with companies in the UK but also internationally, to help them improve and expand.

The company is focused on transformation consulting in the financial industry providing their clients with a wide range of services such as – business development, architecture, risk management, optimising operations and digital transformation.

They majority of their clients is in the UK and US but have worked around the world across the globe to deliver their certified services.

This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to enter the management consulting industry but also a very good bolt on business for someone that is looking to further expand and add value to their current business.

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