#22964 Well recognised CBD Brand – Germany. Turnover c£1M

Key Information

Turnover: c£1M

Industry: Retail of CBD and help

Number of employees: 6

Contact: alan@chelseacorporate.com

Opportunity to acquire a well-recognised and profitable CBD brand based in Germany.

The company sells CBD oils, vaping liquids and CBD food products to direct customers and B2B throughout the whole of Germany and has recently developed and launched a line of cosmetic and skin products.

The products are manufactured, bottled and packaged by 3rd party manufacturers.

Strong social media presence and working with a dedicated in house influencer marketing team.

The company sells direct to clients via their website and also work with a third-party wholesaler distributing throughout pharmacies in Germany.

The business is run by the two equal partners and with the assistance of 4 additional staff.

The owners are actively considering a sale of the business as a next stage of company growth. While flexible with the post acquistion plans, they are interested in being retained in the business post acquisition for a longer period of time as minority shareholders or under a consultancy agreement.

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