What is a professional corporate acquisition specialist?

About Us

Why Choose Chelsea Corporate to Help Find You the Right Business?


Highly Professional and Dedicated…

We have been helping our clients with business acquisitions for many years. Our negotiators demonstrate a high degree of professionalism and dedication to ensure all activities carried out on your behalf are done with transparency, integrity, and complete confidentiality. Find out who we are


Specialist UK Business Brokers

We are not a traditional business broker, we are business acquisition specialists who work with you, the buyer, to ensure you see a good number of opportunities and negotiate successfully.

As corporate acquisitions specialists, we only have your interests at heart. Our company strives to achieve all your requirements in your search for the ideal business.


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We Save You Time and Money…

We know from years’ of experience that it can take many long hours of searching and negotiating before a business purchase deal is on the table.

This is time you may not be able to afford and so that’s where we come in. We do all the preliminary work, source a good amount of opportunities for you and help you negotiate a great deal all the way through to completion.


Who We Work With…

Typically our clients are individual entrepreneurs, Managing Directors, CEOs and high net worth individuals looking to acquire a UK business. We also assist foreign nationals who wish to buy a business in the UK.


How We Work…

In all cases we search for the business you want to buy, carry out all the research and background checks, then we approach the decision makers on your behalf. Quite often we can find businesses that are ripe for acquisition, long before anyone else can.

Chelsea Corporate works for you, the buyer, and delivers the results you want.

Contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation.

I needed a Buy Side M&A professional with a proven track record to help me with my first business acquisition. I was looking for a well established , profitable manufacturing company in SE UK and as such I have engaged Chelsea Corporate Ltd to assist me. Within two weeks I began receiving business opportunities according to my needs and now I am the new owner of a growing manufacturing business.Ran and his dedicated team have extensive knowledge in different sectors and were able to offer me valuable advice throughout the process and saved me a great deal of time.I can certainly rely on CCL to match my acquisition requirements and bring unique targets to the table as well as handle the negotiations and closing of a transaction.Thank you guys!

S King - CEO

Chelsea has an extremely professional and knowledgeable staff. Their knowledge of the UK market, business environment and their extensive network of businesses will help you reach your goal. They have been an invaluable asset in my research.

A Mourad - CEO

I am so happy to have worked with such a group of kind and professional people. The amount of effort and time saved has no price and I am thrilled with my acquisition.

J Singh - CEO

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