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Anyone can go online and look for businesses for sale. Technology has made it easy and that's great, but...

Finding the right business, in the right time-frame, a willing seller without any competition, successfully getting to know the business quickly, negotiate, agree a deal and hold it together through to completion can be challenging. 

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Chelsea Corporate in a Nutshell:

We are a professional team of buy-side business brokers from London, UK working exclusively for you, the buyer.

Our clients review a good number of deals in a short period of time, we manage the transaction with them to ensure we achieve a win win deal in the most time efficient way possible while avoiding the many pit falls along the way.

We work for clients with a buy and build strategy, overseas visa entrepreneurs, high net worth individuals, private equity firms and family offices.

We look after you from top to toe.

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For UK Buyers

Have you noticed that most businesses on the market are either advertised without an asking price or are priced unrealistically?

It is hard to find your dream business while so many people are out there looking for the same thing.

We work closely with people like you based in the UK looking to find and acquire businesses.

Our clients are firms with a buy and build strategy, high net worth individuals, private equity firms and family offices and we deliver them the deal flow they are looking for at the right price quickly and efficiently without the hassle.


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For Overseas Buyers

Buying a business in another country is full of challenges and unexpected events.

As an overseas buyer you are likely to be concerned about whether you are paying the right value for the business, whether the business is of a good quality, whether it will match your other requirements and how long it is likely to take for you to see a return on your investment.

You are probably not sure how the process works in the UK and how to avoid the many pitfalls along the way to your successful acquisition.


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For a problem-free, smooth transaction, just let us know your requirements then let us take care of everything else, right up to you signing the final contract and completing the deal. Our professional, bespoke and confidential services are specifically designed to ensure you buy the business you want quickly and efficiently.

For an informal, no obligation chat, call us now on +44 (0) 20 3011 1373 or simply complete the contact form and we’ll call you.

Chelsea Corporate - We Help Our Clients Identify and Acquire the Businesses They Want

Kind Words From Our Clients

View our Off-Market Businesses for Sale:

Off-Market Business for Sale #10364: Managed Internet and Technology Services Company – London

Sector: Internet Technology
Location: London, UK
Turnover: £200,000 - £500,000

Off-Market Business for Sale #10318: New Concept in Computer Support Company – London

Sector: Internet Technology
Location: London, UK
Turnover: £200,000 - £500,000

Off-Market Business for Sale #10947: Designers and Manufacturers of Industrial Electronics

Sector: Manufacturing
Location: NW England, UK
Turnover: £500,000 - £1,000,000

Off-Market Business for Sale #10404: Highly Reputable Hair & Beauty Company in London

Sector: Beauty
Location: London, UK
Turnover: £1,500,000 - £2,200,000

Off-Market Business for Sale #10559: London-based Accounting Firm

Sector: Accountancy
Location: London, UK
Turnover: £8,000,000 - £9,000,000

Off-Market Business for Sale #22164: Electronic Manufacturing Business – East UK

Sector: Manufacturing / Engineering
Location: South East, UK
Turnover: £9,000,000

Off-Market Business for Sale #10188: Established HVAC Manufacturer in South East England

Sector: Manufacturing
Location: South-East England, UK
Turnover: £10,000,000 - £12,000,000

Off-Market Business for Sale #10615: Electronic Products Manufacturing and Development Company in Ireland

Sector: Manufacturing
Location:Northern Ireland, UK
Turnover: £490,000

Why Chelsea Corporate?

Our team comprises leading M&A advisors, top negotiators and research specialists who can help you look for the company you want to buy.

  1. Experience

    We have experience in all major sectors and will always work in your best interests.

  2. Network

    With headquarters in London and other locations worldwide, we are connected to a large national and international network of companies and business brokers, offering you the widest range of companies for sale to choose from. We have helped many people like you buy a business before.

  3. Expertise

    We are experts at helping our clients find, approach and acquire businesses within the terms, price and pace appropriate to them.

  4. Collaboration

    We work with you in order to reach a successful outcome where you will buy a business that matches your needs and we always put your interests first.

  5. Success

    Our straightforward way of working and experience have been translated into success stories for our clients.


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