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Completed Acquisitions

Acquisition Completed #1936: Business Consulting, Data Analytics, IT Consulting Finance & Management Consulting

Our client, an experienced businessman with a strong background in business consultancy and a focus on financial management and business analysis is currently looking for new business opportunities.

Acquisition Completed #1588: IT Support and Managed Services Business in London Area

Our client is the director of a successful IT support and managed services provider in London looking to facilitate strong organic growth by acquiring an IT support business offering similar services in the London and Greater London area.

Acquisition Completed #1583: Accountancy Firms in London and Home Counties

Our clients are very experienced accountants running a successful practice in London. As Certified Chartered Accountants and auditors, the practice offers a range of accounting, audit & book-keeping services for companies as well as for private clients.

Our clients are now looking to grow their company through means of acquisition.

Acquisition Completed #1582: Hair and Beauty Salons in London

Our clients are successful, established entrepreneurs and experienced company directors. They own several businesses throughout the United Arab Emirates and one of their main focus is the beauty care sector which they would like to grow.

At this stage, our clients are looking to expand their market reach and brand by acquiring a complimentary business in London.

Acquisition Completed #1552: IT Consultancy and Managed Services Business

Our client is the director of a successful IT consultancy and managed service provider in London which offers their satisfied clients a full range of services including comprehensive IT consultancy, support, and outsourcing, project management, hosting services and an array of related technology services.

Our client is currently seeking to grow their business through the acquisition of a similar company.

Acquisition Completed #1530: Professional Business in the United Kingdom

Our client is a visa entrepreneur with a background in engineering and organizational innovation who is currently looking to buy, operate and manage a business in the United Kingdom.

Our client is open to suggestions and would prefer a company that is well-established, profitable and dynamic.

Acquisition Completed #1527: LED Lighting Wholesale and Distribution

Our client is the director of a successful business that owns a number of manufacturing facilities, one of them being in the LED light bulb industry. The company’s headquarters is in Asia and is able to produce circa 10,000 pcs of LED light bulbs per day.

The desired acquisition target should have solid marketing channels and the ability to be expanded internationally.

Acquisition Completed #1510: Manufacture / Distribution of Electronic Products

Our clients are the directors of a successful global IT products manufacturing company which offers their satisfied Blue Chip clients made-to-measure solutions for the electronic equipment industry.

The company designs and engineers products and specific solutions to a wide variety of industries including Aerospace, Office Equipment, Lighting, Transportation, Medical, Military & Transportation.

Acquisition Completed #1507: Manufacturing Companies, South East (Excluding Food)

Our client is an established finance leader looking to invest in a growing and profitable manufacturing company.

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